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    Are you having trouble understanding your child’s behavior?
    Do you wish your students would behave? 

    Have you tried the traditional strategies and nothing works?
    Would you like to know how to help the children in your life? 

    UpTIC is here to help you understand how trauma can affect daily functioning and provide you with practical steps to promote healing. We offer training and professional development, either in-person or virtually, on various topics such as childhood trauma, attachment, how trauma impacts the developing brain, and how to create a healing environment. We offer consultation services to school districts, foster and adoptive families, foster and adoptive agencies, community agencies, and parents who are seeking to understand the challenging behavior of children and youth. Additionally, we provide in-person counseling services for children and adolescents who are struggling with depression, anxiety, anger, low self-esteem, and trauma. Lastly, we provide supervision services for LPC Associates in the state of Texas. 

    UpTIC’s goal is to help you understand what is going on with your child or student, provide you with actionable steps you can implement, and help reduce the stress you feel. Healing is possible. Changes can happen. Hope is out there. We will support you along your journey. 

    If you are a school district interested in understanding student needs in a way that will re-engage them in learning…
    If you are a foster/adoptive family interested in bringing healing into your home…
    If you are an agency wondering how your organization can help foster resilience…
    If you are a parent with a child who is struggling…

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    Counseling/Supervision – Amarillo, Canyon, Texas Panhandle 
    Consulting/Training – Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, and beyond


    Even the strongest people need help sometimes. Everyone has hurdles to overcome, and UpTIC would love to help you. Here at UpTIC, we realize that no two people are the same and we tailor our services to meet your specific needs as an individual. UpTIC loves helping people understand things that are holding them back from fully living. We will help you get on the track to leading a happier, more fulfilling life by equipping you with the tools you need.


    More than 2/3 of children will be exposed to a traumatic event by the time they turn 16. Many people do not know how to help children recover from trauma. Sometimes counseling is necessary for trauma recovery. However, it is possible to reduce the effects of trauma by creating healing environments within your school, home, church, and community.

    Training is offered in-person or virtually. Training topics include understanding childhood trauma, how trauma impacts the brain and body, behavioral responses due to trauma, attachment, regulation, redirection, and discipline, how to create healing environments, and more!


    Trauma consulting is provided to school districts, foster/adoptive agencies, foster/adoptive families, churches, or community organizations. Consultation services are provided one-on-one and can be done virtually or in-person.

    Childhood trauma is shown to negatively affect the way a person thinks, behaves, and reacts. Most people have not been taught how to help children through their traumatic experiences. As a Licensed Professional Counselor who has worked in residential foster care as well as the school system, Kendra brings her diverse experiences to help you create systems and structures that promote healing and change for the children in your schools, homes, churches, and communities.


    Child/Adolescent counseling can help those you care about learn how to manage their emotions and behaviors in healthier ways. UpTIC provides a safe and engaging counseling environment for your child and teen, ages 2 and up. Kendra has worked with children and youth since 2008 in areas of trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, anger, ADHD, self-esteem, and family issues.

    UpTIC is a private pay (no insurance) counseling practice. Counseling sessions are provided in-person in Amarillo, TX. Regular sessions last 45 minutes and will be scheduled at the frequency appropriate for your needs.


    Kendra is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor and has been supervising LPC Associates since 2014. She has experience supervising clinicians in foster care settings, school systems, community mental health clinics, psychiatric hospitals, and non-profit agencies. Kendra’s professional/clinical experience is working with children and youth both in the foster care/residential setting as well as the school system. Kendra has clinical experience working with adults in the psychiatric hospital.

    Supervision is conducted as required by the Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council.


    As a Trust-Based Relational Intervention Practitioner (TBRI(R)) and Educator, Kendra has learned about and implemented Nurture Groups both in residential foster care settings and in school settings. TBRI(R) is an evidence-based, trauma-informed approach to meeting the complex needs of children who have experienced adversity, early harm, toxic stress, and/or trauma.

    Nurture Groups are weekly, small groups that provide an experiential way of learning relational and regulation skills while building connections between those in the group. Teaching skills proactively through fun, experience-based strategies helps children’s brains and bodies learn the skills much faster and more effectively than talking alone.


    Book Studies are a great way to learn and connect with others. Participants will read a common book on their own time, and then gather together to share, discuss, process, and learn. Book studies can be done with schools, groups of teachers, foster/adoptive agencies, foster/adoptive parents, or anyone who is interested in learning more about trauma and best practices to help the children you work and live with. UpTIC will help facilitate book studies by bringing in additional knowledge on the subject, providing guided discussion, or answering questions based on the book and topic.

    About Kendra McLaughlin, Ph.D., LPC-S

    Kendra has worked with children and adolescents who have been impacted by trauma since 2008. While overcoming adversity and hardships is not easy, healing is possible. In addition to counseling services, Kendra provides training/professional development and consultation services to help transform school/foster care/community systems into systems that are sensitive to the needs of those with complex backgrounds. To learn more about Kendra’s specific journey in this field, go to the “About Kendra” page.

    Let's work together!

    Why UpTIC? Healing from trauma begins with understanding how trauma impacts the brain and body. This starts with increasing (Up) knowledge of trauma-informed care (TIC) and moves into integrating trauma-informed practices within everyday life. This integration brings an “uptic” in positive behaviors, school attendance, achievement, attachment, and resilience. UpTIC’s mission is to bring healing one child at a time through collaboration with school districts, caregivers, foster/adoptive families, and community agencies to create rich environments for children to flourish.

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