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    Trauma Training/ Professional Development

    Do you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and stressed by your child or student’s behavior?
    Are the traditional strategies you have been taught not working?
    Are you ready to help break the cycle of trauma and see lasting changes in those you work or live with?

    Becoming trauma-informed is not just about learning about trauma and creating a checklist of things to do. Being trauma-informed is a shift in how we see and understand behavior. It is a shift in how we respond to others. It is a shift in how we see ourselves.

    Kendra has experience leading professional development and workshops for educators, foster/adoptive families, parents, residential/direct care staff, and churches. Kendra strives to help organizations move beyond being trauma-informed into truly integrating trauma-informed practices and creating healing systems. Kendra’s unique experiences working in residential foster care and in the school system provide her with first-hand experience implementing trauma-informed strategies, creating system change, and the challenges and struggles that come along the way.

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    **UpTIC is an approved Continuing Education provider for Texas Educators.**

    Possible training topics include:

    • Trauma and adverse childhood experiences
    • Understanding how the brain develops and trauma’s impact on the brain and body
    • Common behavioral responses as a result of trauma
    • Attachment theory and disrupted attachment
    • Self-regulation and strategies to promote regulation
    • The power of connection
    • Practical strategies to address the underlying needs that drive behavior
    • How to implement trauma-informed care in schools and homes
    • How to develop resiliency in children
    • Running Nurture Groups

    Healthy Outcomes from Positive Experiences (HOPE)

    Kendra is a certified HOPE facilitator. HOPE incorporates the science of Positive Childhood Experiences to create opportunities for children to grow into healthy and resilient adults. Positive experiences reduce the negative effects of trauma, helping children to thrive. HOPE training will help your organization identify ways to better ensure children have more positive experiences that will support their growth.

    Trauma-Informed Care Intensive Training

    Through her doctoral work, Kendra created a three-day workshop for EC-12 educators on creating trauma-informed schools. Through this workshop, educators will learn about trauma and its effects, learn specific classroom/school-wide strategies, create intervention plans, and improve educator well-being.

    **If your school district is looking for trauma-informed care training to meet the TEA/Legislation requirements that is in-person or live virtually, this three-day workshop can be modified or adapted as needed to best suit your school’s needs. 

    If your students are continuing to struggle behaviorally and academically, and the strategies you have tried are not working
    If you are ready for something that will help address the root of the problem and create a healing environment…
    Reach out today to ask about bringing this intensive, trauma-informed workshop to your school.


    Contact for Pricing.

    • UpTIC provides a variety of training options. We can discuss pricing and length of training to meet your organization’s needs.
    • Training can be provided in-person or virtually.
    • Travel expenses and/or Lodging will be an additional cost for locations 80 miles outside of Amarillo, TX.

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