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    Nurture Group Sessions

    Nurture Groups run 6-8 weeks and can be done as a family unit or in a group with similar-aged peers.

    Trauma creates chaos and fear. Children and youth with trauma histories need consistency and predictability in order to reduce their fear responses and open their brains to learning! Nurture Groups provide consistency and predictability through a very structured outline, allowing participants to feel safe and comfortable in sharing their emotions while learning new skills.

    Many children who have experienced trauma struggle with connecting to others, with emotional regulation, and with appropriate social skills. Nurture Groups include specific interventions each week that address connection (attachment), emotional regulation, and social skills. Each week, group members will learn how to identify their emotions and appropriate ways to manage their emotions. The group will also learn targeted skills to effectively interact with others while engaging in targeted activities that deepen connections and relationships.

    What Makes Nurture Groups Different?

    When you are trying to teach a new skill, it takes over 400 repetitions if you are simply talking about the skill. However, you can help a child/youth develop new skills in less than a dozen times through experiential-based learning. Nurture Groups are fun, engaging, ways of learning new skills quickly. Experiential-based learning creates muscle memory for new skills while solidifying the skill in the participant’s long-term memory. You learn better when you are having fun and when you are engaging multiple senses. Neuroplasticity is a scientific word that just means the brain can be re-shaped and re-wired. Experiential-based learning taps into the brain’s ability to reshape. The brain will learn new ways of managing emotions and social situations. The brain will “get rid” of the unhealthy ways of managing emotions and behaviors if we are intentional about creating new, healthy pathways in the brain. Nurture Groups will do just that!

    If you are interested in participating in a Nurture Group cycle as a family, Kendra will work with you to identify specific skills your child/family needs in order to incorporate those skills into the sessions.

    Single Family Unit Nurture Groups

    6-Week Nurture Group Cycle = $400 total

    **$100 for intake/planning session with parents/guardians and $300 for 6 group sessions.

    8-Week Nurture Group Cycle = $500 total

     **$100 for intake/planning session with parents/guardians and $400 for 8 group sessions.

    **Cash, Card, or Check Payment (in full) is due at the intake/planning session.  

    Community/Peer Nurture Groups

    6-Week Nurture Group Cycle = $230 total per child/teen

    **$50 for intake/orientation session with parents/guardians and $180 for 6 group sessions.

    **Cash, Card, or Check Payment (in full) is due at the intake/orientation session.

    Training in Nurture Groups

    If you are a school district, foster care agency, or parent group and you are interested in receiving training on how to effectively implement nurture groups in your classrooms, schools, or homes, Kendra would love to speak with you to schedule a training session. Reach out today!

    Service Fees/Training

    Kendra offers Nurture Groups with a family unit and with a community group of similar-aged peers.

    Kendra also provides training on Nurture Groups to various groups. Click on the plus signs to learn more.

    If you are ready to begin, call 806-738-4828 or message us using the Contact button below!

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